Week in Review: January 2, 2012

One of my goals for 2012 is to keep up with my book blog, write reviews promptly, and more. I also love the weekly updates from others so I thought I could get into the sharing mood as well.

While there have only been two days in January so far, better to start now.

I’m Reading:

  • Witness in Death by J.D. Robb
  • Steve Jobs  by Walter Isaacson (audio)
  • It by Stephen King (audio)
  • Socialnomics by Erik Qualman
  • Social Media Guide for Real Estate by Mike Lyon

Like some in the book world, I watch my share of TV and movies. I’ve been playing some catch up and spent the good part for three days on a Law & Order: SVU marathon. I finished Season 10 & 11 and am halfway through Season 12. Almost caught up. We also went to see The Descendants with George Clooney. I got the book for Christmas and look forward to reading it soon.


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