REVIEW: Wicked Appetite



Title: Wicked Appetite
Author: Janet Evanovich
Finished: May 4, 2013
Pages: 313
Published: 2010

Aside from a little snippet of Diesel in a Stephanie Plum book, this full blown adventure and true introduction was so much fun. It was great reading a new series from Evanovich that had the same comedy but different characters and attitude. I loved the relationship between Lizzy and her new “bodyguard” Diesel.

When Lizzy is approached by a mystery man who claims she has special powers and has the ability to find magical objects, she tries her best to ignore him, until danger strikes and she sees no other choice but to fake it and hope that her new house guest will disappear as soon as she helps. It doesn’t take long for Lizzy to realize there is more to the story and she is deep in a mystery that won’t be solved anytime soon.

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