REVIEW: The Crossfire Series


Author: Sylvia Day

Book 1: Bared to You
Finished: August 28, 2012
Published: 2012

Book 2: Reflected in You
Finished: October 25, 2012
Published: 2012

Book 3: Entwined With You
Finished: June 1, 2013
Published 2013

This has turned into one of my favorite series and now that it seems like we’re on the home stretch (one more book?) I am very curious to see how it all ends up.

Bared to You begins the journey and relationship between Gideon and Eva and what good relationship doesn’t come with it’s share of conflicts? From the moment she laid eyes on him, Eva was hooked. It didn’t take long for either of them to realize that they would not be able to live without each other, regardless of their tortured pasts or the people around them. The early stages of their relationship are dark, dangerous and very much full of secrets. As Eva and Gideon try to develop a relationship without their sordid pasts breaking them, they soon find that maybe it’s their pasts that will bring them closer together and unite them in a stronger bond than ever imagined.

The second book, Reflected In You, continues where book two left off, right in the middle of all the drama, conflict and secret sharing. We are finding more and more out about the characters pasts. While Eva wants to know more about what has caused Gideon’s pain, to learn all his secrets and more, she finds that hers are not as well hidden and in the past as she hoped. This book had more reveals and details shared than the first book as the relationship continues to develop and we see more of Gideon’s dilema and struggle to keep the woman he loves safe and harm free no matter what.

The most recent book, Entwined With You, might be my favorite so far in the series and of course the most fresh in my mind. After the cliff hanger of book 2, I was anxious to read the latest and find out what truly happened. I hope one day the drama and conflict in Eva and Gideon’s lives dissipates so they can find true happiness instead of wondering when the next shoe will drop. After three books, it seems true happiness is around the corner – at least for Eva. I would say this book is the most revealing, full of truth telling and soul baring events. It was also the most fun to read because I had just been at BEA 2013 where I met Sylvia Day, got an early signed copy, and spent the whole entire cross country flights home reading the book cover to cover.

Overall, so far, I think I am enjoying these books more that the Fifty Shades of Grey series. While still intense, I don’t feel they are overdone or forced. The relationship seems more real, but still a fairytale, and I can’t wait for book 4 whenever it shall be released (which at this point is still undetermined).


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