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EARLY REVIEW: Eat, Move, Sleep

Title: Eat, Move, Sleep
Author: Tom Rath
Finished: October 26, 2013
Published: 2013

This was one of the best books I’ve read in 2013. I have always been a fan of Strengths Finder 2.0 and it comes up often in my daily life through work. While that is a completely different book, Tom Rath does an amazing job of creating a new genre for himself, being informative and creating a personal connection with the reader.

Eat, Move, Sleep is Rath’s personal story with how after suffering from a rare, incurable disease he found a way to improve his life and health through what he eats, exercise and sleep patterns.

But you don’t have to be sick in order to follow all of his amazing tips, and he gives you free reign to choose which tips work best for you. Each chapter covers suggestions on how to eat, move, and sleep in your daily routine along with a quick reference list to the most important points.

I personally took away so many points that it’s hard to know where to start but his book was a great reference and even a quick re-read when you’re looking for some inspiration or a change in your life.

Rath is not pushy with his advice, he simply explains how it has changed his life and could easily change ours with only the simplest of changes.

An amazing book. Everyone should read it.


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EARLY REVIEW: How to Kill a Vampire

Title: How to Kill a Vampire
Author: Liisa Ladouceur
Finished: November 17, 2013
Published: 2013

I originally picked up this one from the 2013 BEA – Book Expo America – and had such a great time reading it. I’ve read and watched my share of vampire stories so it was great to get a new point of view and hear of some vampire folklore that I haven’t come across before.

Ladouceur takes the reader through all manner of of vampires, starting at the earliest stories and folklore, the evolution through the first books with Dracula by Bram Stoker to pop culture television today with True Blood and Being Human.

Not only do you get a good recap on the most popular instances of vampires, but I found my fair share of new stories and opportunities to check out – for example Anita Drake and Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series – yes, I admit, I’ve never watched it.

Reading Ladouceur’s book was like traveling back in time to learn about vampires all over again, you almost feel transported into the same time. The fun trivia was interesting to read – auction houses selling off vampire killing kits – and even the names around the world for vampires and other intriguing tidbits about ways to kill a vampire, vampire suicide, genres of vampires and more.

Any vampire lover needs to pick this book up.


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