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2012 Finished Challenges

This was a crazy reading year! I’m happy to have finished these challenges and look forward to what 2013 has in store for my reading.

Finishing the Series Challenge
My goal was to finish three or more series. I managed to get caught up with four of the five series I had listed. I consider that a success.

Rizzoli & Isles Reading Challenge
I think there have been a couple new books since I created this list, but the original list is complete. Yahoo!

Mystery & Suspense Challenge
Always one of my favorite challenges. I could have kept going but it was nice to finish at 24. I can definitely see the trend of who my most popular authors are.

Support Your Local Library Challenge
I tried to keep my library books to a minimum this year so that I would focus more on the books on my shelf that have been stacking up. 12 was the perfect number.

Read Your Own Books Challenge
My goal was the read 50 of my own books. I tried to focus on books I’ve had for awhile but I know that there were some brand new ones. I hope to continue increasing the number of my own books read each year.

New Authors Challenge
My goal was 15 and I made it well past that. I love finding new authors and getting recommendations from others. Can’t wait to see who I find this year.

Serial Killers Reading Challenge
This was a fun one. I only read a couple books off my wish list and of course it just shows how much James Patterson I really read. I don’t know if this one is going on in 2013 but it would be fun to join in again.





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