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Title: Toys
Author: James Patterson
Finished: June 7, 2011
Pages: 364
Published: 2011
Format: First Edition

A very interesting new story from James Patterson that goes into the future and shows us a world where humans are being replaced with “robotic” humans who are enhanced in every way conceivable …. babies are grown in test tubes, super strength, speed and agility, plus toys that are more humanlike than ever before.

A new take on the future but still very intriguing and interesting to read. There were times where I wasn’t sure who was on what side and what might happen next, but I enjoyed the concept and Patterson taking a risk with a new style to share with his faithful readers.

Every loyal Patterson fan should read and the more science fiction and futuristic readers should check it out as well.

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Title: ThxThxThx – thank goodness for everything
Author: Leah Dieterich
Finished: June 2, 2011
Pages: 208
Published: 2011
Format: First Edition

If you have yet to be introduced to Leah’s daily thank you not website, run don’t walk to it right now – click HERE.

The ladies at work introduced me to ThxThxThx probably a year ago and I couldn’t resist adding her blog to my Google Reader and checking out her latest thank you note each day. It got even better when she decided to put a book together of all her favorites, so many more than what she has posted on her website.

A quick read, so much fun, laugh out loud, and a great book to share with the girlfriends, family and everyone you meet. Buy the book, subscribe to her website, and consider writing your own daily thank you note.

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The Happiness Project

Title: The Happiness Project
Author: Gretchen Rubin
Finished: May 10, 2011
Pages: 313
Published: 2009
Format: paperback

Quite possibly the best book I’ve read so far this year … extremely powerful, motivating, and life changing.

Gretchen Rubin decided to spend a year trying to find more happiness in her life – each month with a different goal or focus in her life – then reviewing and coming to her final conclusion about what it takes to be more happy in her life.

While my own “happiness project” hasn’t fulled kicked off the way I had hoped, but this book was so full of great ideas, projects, goals, and more than I can even include in one little review but I highly recommend this book to any and everyone.

Go out and pick it up right NOW!

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REVIEW: 10th Anniversary

Title: 10th Anniversary
Author: James Patterson
Finished: May 4, 2011
Pages: 395
Published: 2011
Format: First Edition

Quite possibly my favorite series ever and I am always waiting and counting the days for the next release of the Women’s Murder Club.

Lindsay and Joe have finally tied the knot, but the honeymoon phase is short lived when she is quickly pulled into her latest mystery – a young girl found badly hurt, bleeding and missing her newborn child. Hitting too close to home, Lindsay finds herself not only fighting for this young girl and her story but also for the future she hopes for with Joe.

With such twists and turns, Lindsay and her friends find themselves working two cases, working to save the future lives and keep themselves in check with their own bosses. Everything hangs loosely by a thread and it’s hard not to fear the worst.

Absolutely loved it but I can’t believe we have to wait another year to find out what happens next after the best cliffhanger ever!

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Ceremony in Death

Title: Ceremony in Death
Author: J.D. Robb
Finished: May 2, 2011
Pages: 329
Published: 1997
Format: paperback

My latest In Death read and I’m still addicted, can’t wait to read more, catch up and find out more about my new favorite couple.

When Eve begins to secretly investigate into the death of a fellow cop, she finds herself looking over her shoulder at every turn and risking her life more than ever before. It doesn’t take long for Roarke to pick up on the dangers and soon becomes involved past what Eve is comfortable with when a body is found outside their home, personally threatening them should they continue.

They just keep getting better and better. I hope to pick up the next one soon.

*challenges: 100+ reading challenge, in death challenge, 11 in 11 reading challenge, cozy mystery reading challenge

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Trouble Maker: Volume 2

Title: Trouble Maker – Vol. 2
Author: Janet Evanovich
Finished: April 27, 2011
Pages: 112
Published: 2010
Format: First Edition

I haven’t read any of the other Barnaby stories but when this one just happened to be at the library I thought it would be a quick and fun read.

It makes me very excited to pick up the first of the graphic novels as well as the actual books I’ve been collecting on the series to hopefully read soon.

In this particular volume, the crew sets sail to find the wooden body that matches up with a recently acquired wooden hand, in hopes that it will save all their lives – protect them from the original owners and the voodoo that might follow them should they choose to keep it.

It was quite a fun and quick read.

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1% Reading Challenge – COMPLETE

Hosted By: 1 More Chapter
April 1, 2010 – April 30, 2011

I’m way behind on posting but I did happen to finish this one just in the nick of time. I had a lot of fun catching up on some of my 1,001 books and I look forward to the next round!

Here is the list of books I read:

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